New Parents Need to Munch


One of the nicest things you can do is gift new parents quick and easy snacks and meals. They'll remember you for your kind gesture as they munch away while holding their newest little addition! Surprisingly, that little bundle can consume their entire day.....When people say they forget to eat, Say what?!?! We believe it!! Being a new parent is not an easy task! Fuel their day with this gift basket.....sleepless nights won't be so bad when energized with quick and healthy eats! 

Gift Basket Includes: 

Made Good Apple Cinnamon Granola Mini's are a great grab and go snack. Toasted oats, sweet apples and spicy cinnamon. These wholesome granola minis taste just like home made apple pie. They’ll leave you feeling full and happy on the inside.

Grainstorm's Kamut Muffin Mix is great for busy days or if company drops in at the last moment. The golden, buttery flavour and a chewy coarse texture will remind you of corn bread. This unique baking mix features Kamut wheat, rich in minerals and micro-nutrients and packed with 18% protein. And because this mix is extra-light on the sugar it bakes up sweet or savory. Anything you can do with corn bread you can do with these babies, only your results will be tastier, more nutritious and more satisfying to the body. PS they freeze well too, so mom or dad can have muffins to go!

Chocosol Vanilla Drinking chocolate is the perfect hot drink. So rich and flavourful and easy to make just cut a sliver add boiling water or your favourite dairy free milk and you have the perfect hot chocolate drink without the added sugar and artificial flavours. We recommend this video just to see how fun the drinking chocolate really is! 

Local Soup Girl Italian Rice soup has seasonings of thyme, oregano and garlic joined with lentils and Arborio rice to create a delicious and hearty soup… Italian style! This soup will have your recipient grateful that they don't have to order in another night and still have leftovers for lunch. All you have to do is dump the soup mix into the pot and add water! simple for any sleep deprived mom or dad. 

Small Batch Co. Niagara Blend Granola is the perfect pairing for this basket. A harvest mix of almonds, pumpkin seeds, apricots and raisins. Top your parfait or simply add dairy free milk and munch on. Small Batch Co. is 100% natural granola, free of any wheat, refined sugars, additives or preservatives. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Specializing in baking delicious healthy granola using old-fashioned oats, a mixture of nuts, unsweetened natural dried fruits, organic extra virgin olive oil, warm spices and not-so-secret sweetener: dates.

Prana Walnuts Excellent source of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, this nutrient is essential to regulate anxiety, help with concentration and memory no wonder it has the appearance of a small brain! Anti-inflammatory, walnuts are excellent for asthma, arthritis, eczema and psoriasis prone individuals. Fresh and intensely nutty flavour, our walnuts have been minimally handled to preserve its freshness and nutrient content. One handful a day will deliver you a 100% daily dose of Omega 3s! If you've ever heard of "baby brain" this is the perfect snack to help! 

Enerjive Bella Savoury Italian Crackers are full of flavour, gluten free and the perfect well rounded flavours of Italian herbs. Paired with local cheese or served along a charcuterie board, eaten on their own or broken and sprinkled on your salad in place of croutons. So versatile and delicious. Pairs well with Local soup Girl's Italian Rice soup!

Zazubean, Nakid fair-trade dark chocolate contains 73% Cacao and has a smooth finish with roasted cocoa nibs and a hint of vanilla. Great to smash that sweet tooth! 



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