Ultimate Snack'n Gift Basket


Whether you or someone you know is having a party this ultimate snack'n gift basket will have people raving. Perfect for corporate gifting, a night in or just because, we know that everyone's taste buds will be bursting with healthy indulgence! Share the gift of healthy with this delicious well rounded gift basket filled with indulgent chocolate, nuts to munch, crunchy tortillas & salsa, crackers to dip, pretzels to bite, and granola bars to fuel. 

This Healthy Snack Gift Basket Includes: 

Made Good Mixed Berry Granola Bar is perfect when hunger hits on the run or if you ran out the door with just your coffee in hand. With tart cranberries and raspberries, sweet blueberries and toasted oats. This granola bar tastes like a luscious berry crumble on a warm summer night.

Neal Brothers Pretzel Thins are the perfect salty snack. The same shape we all know and love baked light and crispy

Neal Brothers Organic Blue Tortilla's with flax is our favourite tortilla. Bursting with flavour and a little flax. These tortilla's may just cause the "who's gonna have the last one fight?"

Neal Brother's organic Mild Salsa is full of natural goodness without the heat. With real ingredients and no sugar, we're positive this will be a new favourite in your pantry. Served with Neal Brother's organic Blue Tortilla's we know you'll be craving this delicious hearty snack!

Enerjive Rock Salt quinoa crackers are perfect for that salty craving. Whether you're dipping them in nut butters, hummus or topping your favourite soup or salad you'll enjoy their delicious crunch and flavour. 

Hippie Foods Coconut chips are made from a nutrient dense superfood and naturally full of flavour. Being not too sweet, slightly savoury, creamy and refreshing, they are the tastiest snacks you will ever have. Coconut chips are great by the handful in trail mix or topped on a dessert. 

Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes Are a great addition to your snack'n routine, topped with nut butter, honey and walnuts, eaten on their own or crumpled in your soup or salad we know you'll love these "not so cardboard tasting" cakes. 

Prana Walnuts Excellent source of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, this nutrient is essential to regulate anxiety, help with concentration and memory no wonder it has the appearance of a small brain! Anti-inflammatory, walnuts are excellent for asthma, arthritis, eczema and psoriasis prone individuals. Fresh and intensely nutty flavour, our walnuts have been minimally handled to preserve its freshness and nutrient content. One handful a day will deliver you a 100% daily dose of Omega 3s! If you've ever heard of "baby brain" this is the perfect snack to help! 

Prana Organic Almonds are a low-fat nut of choice. Almonds have been part of our diet for over one thousand years. Still to this day, almonds are the most consumed nut worldwide. Excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber and protein, almonds are an excellent hunger quencher. More iron and 4.5 times more calcium than peanuts; this classic nut is alkaline and mineralizes the body. Pair a handful with your mid morning or afternoon snack, top your salad or add to your trail mix, almonds are versatile and great tasting! 

Veggie Go's TropiKale™ veggie fruit bar is a blend of the tropical fruits of kiwi, guava and mango with nutrient-dense kale, pumpkin, and apple. While you’re enjoying the bright tropical flavors, your body will be getting a good dose of vitamin A and nearly half your daily serving of vitamin C!

Zimt Double chocolate raw vegan macaroons a raw cacao, macaroon sweetened with coconut sugar and covered in chocolate! So fudge-y and decadent, this is almost like a chewy chocolate covered cookie.

Zazubean Smooch a deliciously decadent dark milk with 46% cacao features a crunchy vanilla caramel and a kiss of sea salt in a unique blend of Peruvian and Dominican Republic chocolate.

 Zazubean Nutbar is a rich dark 70% chocolate with coconut, roasted almonds and Peruvian superfruit Camu Camu guaranteed to make you happy!





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