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It's the end of the year-time to reflect, time to think ahead and time to embrace another year. I am not a resolutions type of person. I feel that a resolution can be lost in the everyday hustle and become a distant dream. Ever notice that the gym is jam packed after New years? come February it's back to normal! Resolutions are great if they are written down with a solid plan to continue.

I love a good vision board I take a few months before the end of the year to create my vision board. Cutting out anything that may jump out while reading articles on the internet, in a magazine or newspaper and seeing how it can be relevant in my everyday life. I love positive sayings I love health and fitness, I love learning, teaching and sharing health and wellness. If something jumps out it's cut and put in a pile, where I will sift out and see if it still strikes a chord when I'm pasting everything on my board. In the past I have placed images of people that I'd like to meet or work with. Bucket list items, courses that I'd like to do, places that we'd like to visit or travel to, financial goals, personal and business growth, etc. You can read more about making a vision board in a great read by Shannon Kaiser- Find your Happy 


When I complete my vision board I place it in a frame and put it beside my sink in the bathroom, it's the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. This means there's no time to forget and a great 2 minute reminder/ motivator while brushing my pearly white's.

When I reflect on each year's vision board more than 90% of it has come to fruition. At the time of putting it all together it may seem doubtful. What you can achieve in a year can be amazing with the right vision a constant reminder along with a great amount of drive and ambition! 

Some goals I had for 2015 were:

1. Launch and grow Snack'n Basket Co. -I officially launched our website in March of 2015, certainly one of the most nerve wrecking things I have ever done. So happy I did! I connected with so many like minded individuals, I did a few local shows for business promotion- I connected with so many great local foodies with an amazing healthy vision. I can't thank each and every one of you enough for gifting and shopping our store this past year. It has truly been a wonderful year and I look forward to continued growth, collaborations and more in 2016. 

2. Stress Less-  my mantra was stress less 2015. It worked!! I didn't sweat the itty bitty small things, I embraced change as it came and always told myself that things have a way of working out. I tuned out the news, didn't read headlines, didn't watch news stories and pretty much sheltered myself from bad news...it works! Some would tell me I need to be informed, others agreed with my mission and others thought not being informed is a terrible way of sheltering oneself. It worked for me and that's all that matters! Don't get me wrong there were times I would stress, I would regroup and ensure myself that all would be fine. 

3. Continue to teach my kids health and wellness: I'm a huge advocate for health and wellness, can you tell?? lol Teaching my kids healthy eating habits has ALWAYS been my priority. I continued this by first and foremost leading by example, assisting them in knowing what's in their food. My 5 year old has become amazing at label reading. For our 3 year old it was simply teaching him to know how he feels when he eats certain foods. He is dairy intolerant, it never sits well with him but he loves dairy. We have been a dairy free home for two years now. It works for us. There is the odd slip up on special food days at school or birthday parties, however he has learned to recognize and acknowledge the signs and symptoms of his intolerance. He now knows how it affects his body-in turn he has learned to say no to dairy products without a fuss. We have managed to continue to teach them about the bad ingredient aka Tartrazine . Giving up coloured icing, oh so tempting coloured lollies and snacks has never been easier, teaching and persistence is key! Remember that kids are never too young to learn. You can read more here and here about healthy kids and habits. You can also see a feature of Snack'n Basket Co's family and Kid gifting here

4. Strive to be my best self. I live breathe, eat, sleep health and wellness. It is easy to lose site of this when you're a business owner, wife to, busy mom of 3 and student of life. My gym time is my me time. It allows me to unwind and just go full force-giving my body what it craves. Eating well makes me feel good and that's why I continue to prep food, cook from scratch and snack on healthy snacks on the run. Being the best version of me not only makes me feel great but allows me to be a better mom, wife and entrepreneur. One of my goals this past year was also to have a fun fitness photo shoot with Paul Buceta. To get me in tip top shape I called on Coach Catolino, the process was not only challenging at times but completely rewarding too. Seriously, if there is one thing I encourage you all to do is a photoshoot not only will you feel amazing when your hair and makeup is all done but the images you get from a professional photographer is amazing! Here's a fun un-edited image from that shoot.


 MUH: Monica Kalra

If your Goal is to incorporate more wellness into your life in 2016 we have some amazing products and packages for you. If your goal is to stress-less, some amazing products that are stress busters are: Four Sigma Reishi Chocolate Shot, I love this drink right before bed or just when I need a mommy moment. In a pinch for dinner?Local Soup Girl is just a pot and some water away, always amazing to have something quick and easy on hand. Finally, with the new year upon us we are all trying to rid your bodies of stressful toxins and overindulgence, I recommend our Detox Box  packed with great detoxing foods along with Four Sigma's Shiitake drink that can be enjoyed warm or cold in smoothies, in your favourite drink or used as a soup stock.

Regardless of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Reach for the stars, find balance in everything that your do. Practice gratitude and always strive for excellence. Thank you to all of you for your continued support, business, referrals, collaborations and new friendships! Wishing you all an amazing HEALTHY, HAPPY 2016!! I'm off to finish that vision board before Jan 1st. 


Your's in good Snackn' Health


Nadia Mirza