Adventures for Your Soul August 26, 2015 21:23

What better way than a Wellness Wednesday to give you some insight into my recent read that you will want to read for yourself! 


Drawing from her own transformational experiences, Shannon Kaiser’s program utilizes an empowering process that encourages you to go on adventures for your soul so you can:

• Achieve your goals
• Remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns
• Feel freedom from fear and live with purpose and passion
• Be unapologetic about your innermost desires
• And make happiness your natural way of life

You Can either read this book by picking out chapters that resonate with you or read it from cover to cover. I read it from cover to cover and each chapter gave me what Shannon calls a "BAM" moment. 

At one point in the book she talks about "Playing truth or Dare with Your Inner Child." It was a way to dive deep into your childhood and think about what you loved.  I knew I always loved to play.....I mean which kid doesn't?!?! However, for the purpose of the exercise I had to dig deep into the memory bank to think about this one. It took me three days, yes three days before my "BAM" moment. Want to know what I loved doing? was food! From planting vegetable gardens with my mom to pickling, preserving, cooking or baking in the kitchen and knowing what was in our food- it's no wonder that Snack'n Basket Co. was born!

From chapters: "Nourish the Nudge" and listening to your inspiration to getting "comfortable being uncomfortable." You will definitely want to have a "joy journal" to accompany you and this book. From the inner workings, exercises and motivational mantra's you will most definitely be on an adventure. I can't tell you how many times I was up late thinking about a chapter or reading pages and then going back days later to read a page again.   

Whether you're looking for an adventure, an uplifting read or a book that you will revisit time and again. Adventures for your Soul by Shannon Kaiser is a must have/ read! 

My soul truly went on an adventure and I can tell you that this book will be a must read yearly!


P.S This book was released yesterday, you can grab your copy here


Have a Healthy Day!


xo Nadia