Healthy Habits Start at Home- Healthy Sleep Patterns August 25, 2015 08:33

This month we've been talking healthy habits in the home. Eating nutritiously is a huge part of overall wellness another important factor that we often lose sight of is: SLEEP. Make sure you and your littles are getting enough sleep. We asked Rebecca Earl a Sleep Expert and founder of the The Sugar Plum Sleep Co. to give us some pointers of how you can encourage healthy sleeping habits and get your kids back to sleeping well. If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to Rebecca for a one on one sleep consultation. We have also teamed up with The Sugar Plum Sleep Co. and will have healthy sleep information in our New Parents Basket as a courtesy to our customers. A sleeping baby equals a well rested mommy and family. 

Take it away Rebecca! 

Back to School Sleep Tips

There is still a lot of summer left, but getting a head start on back to school planning is never a bad idea. While sleep schedules are often impacted by long summer days and travel, our sleep environments at home can also be affected. More time spent outside and away from the home during the summer generally leads to less time tackling household chores like cleaning and decluttering. Here’s how you can get your child’s bedroom ready to ensure the best sleep possible once the school bell starts to ring.

Reduce the clutter.

Eliminating distractions in the bedroom is a good step towards creating and maintaining a calm and restful sleep space. Children’s bedrooms are often hotspots for clutter. Clutter can restrict the ability to focus and process information, which isn’t so great when you are trying to sleep. (insert: Being vigilant about what comes into your home if a great first step, but we all know that souvenirs from summer adventures can easily make it back home.

Now is the time to take an hour or two and consider doing the following:

  1. Set a limit on the number of toys in your child’s room. Keep in mind that when favourite toys are within eyesight, chances are good that your child will be more focused on their toys, not sleeping.
  2. If toy storage is limited elsewhere in the home, look for ways to keep the space organized.  Rely on containers you already have, or seek out some non-traditional storage options. (insert:
  3. Find new homes for items that are broken or no longer used. It’s a great time of year to connect with local agencies that accept donations.
  4. Encourage your child to participate in the process to help them prepare for the start of the school year.


We tend to focus on Spring cleaning, but considering the dust and allergens that have likely accumulated over the summer months, a Fall cleaning is also likely warranted. Dust mites can be particularly problematic as they thrive on dead skin cells (think scrapes and sunburns). The excrement from dust mites can irritate respiratory systems, triggering allergic reactions and worsen asthma. Children can be particularly sensitive to allergens making it difficult to sleep. By keeping your house dust free, you’re helping to create a safe sleep environment for you and your little ones.

Dust mites are best controlled by frequently washing bedding in hot water, but allergens can quickly accumulate in other areas of the bedroom. Challenge yourself to use all of the attachments on your vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to all of the surfaces in bedroom, including:

  • baseboards;
  • lampshades;
  • ceiling and desk fans;
  • decorative pillows;
  • trim work;
  • window screens;
  • window coverings; and of course
  • stuffed animals.

What are you doing to prepare your child’s bedroom for the best sleep possible? 

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Have a healthy day!


xo Nadia