Gratitude and Recognition Goes a Long Way! July 10, 2015 19:43

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I hope you are enjoying our nice summer weather lately, perhaps taking time out to enjoy friends and family over good food, good conversation and good company. 

I got to thinking about gift giving the other day. Being in the business you go through the motions of packing up a special order writing the note wishing a special someone a Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding etc. so it got me thinking about gift giving in general.

I love gifting.....I know it's my business and all, but really gift giving has so much meaning! I dug deep inside my thoughts asking myself when my gift giving experience has been super fulfilling. I would have to say it is never a special occasion. When I say special occasion I mean Birthdays, Anniversary, holiday, etc. those are like okay lets go through the motion of getting a gift, writing a card and then gifting it to the recipient whom most times full on expects something because, well- it's their special day! RIGHT?!?! 

So here is when I think I was most fulfilled gifting- sending a written note of gratitude when my recipient least expected. Gifting out of the blue just to say thank you is unexpected and well lets just say it goes a long way. When someone is under the weather, recovering from surgery or just plain old feeling down? I love cooking up some homemade soup, packing up some Local soup girl with crackers grabbing some tea or honey and sending a get well soon note.

When you randomly send someone a quick note ana a little something it shows you care. It shows that person that they are special to your or have touched you in some way or other and that you value them. In my opinion, when you send a gift, note, card or meal these gestures will be remembered more so than the birthday or holiday gift. I'm not saying that birthday's and holidays don't need to be celebrated or acknowledged; I'm saying that a lasting impression is often left when your kind gesture is when it is least expected. 

I can tell you that I have seen some pretty awesome reasons for gifting when someone least expects it, here are some examples:

  • having a random running partner in a marathon and sending a smoothie boosting gift basket to your new random friend for keeping you motivated through out the race with a note saying: thanks for going the extra mile.
  • A friend offered their van and man power to help move his friend out of his apartment. Friend with Van loves chocolate and could live off of it (so I was told) enter chocolate sampler basket to chocoholic friend for his kind assistance.
  • On another note-client based: A financial planner was having a conversation with a long time client who was having a party. The client was so stressed about the party, catering etc. Client mentioned they needed to have local organic catering because they were health conscious and locavores (the local economy is kind of a big deal). Our Client- the Financial Advisor contacted us asking if we could help. After finding out the reason for the gift we decided to send them local treats  with a note saying: "I'm sure your party will go off without a hitch. Here are some local products that I thought you could relax and enjoy after your party. Sounds like it's going to be great party!"

You see, all these examples are pretty awesome and well if you ask me, gifting out of the ordinary rarely goes unnoticed. It speaks volumes and that simple gesture is often remembered for a lifetime. Above were just a few examples of how gratitude and recognition goes a long way. Gift with purpose, and gift consciously, even if it's something as simple as baking a banana loaf or writing a letter. 

If you need help picking something to extend gratitude or a Just because gift basket or perhaps a little something from our marketplace and need someone's opinion we are always here to help!


Have a healthy day!


xo Nadia 


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