Come together one and all so that we can support Nepal June 10, 2015 19:07

I have decided to start a weekly blog post on Wednesday’s called What’s important Wednesday. Not only will it push me to blog more (something I truly love to do) but to also share with you the happenings within Snack’n Basket Co. My life as I know it, as well as things around us that are important.

That being said I will kick this weekly blog with a most recent happening- a conversation with my boys at the breakfast table one morning- early May that eventually turned into a bake sale for the relief efforts in Nepal.

It went a little something like this:

Me: “ Zayne your Birthday is coming up soon, don’t you think it’s a good idea to set aside some toys that you don’t play with or find interesting anymore and let another little boy or girl enjoy it”?

Z; “Well mom it is a good idea but I really don’t wanna get rid of this and this and this and this!”

Enter me giving the shpeel about how fortunate they are to have toys to play with and a mommy and daddy that work hard to put a roof over their heads and food in their belly, etc, etc….I really do sound like my own mom sometimes, lol

After a little explanation of how some kids live in shelters, some kids near and far that are hungry with inadequate housing, it then led to the earthquake in Nepal. Zayne listened with interest, concern and a lot of questions and finally said: “mom I think it would be a good idea if we had a bake sale for those kids that need food and shelter in Nepal.”

Ahhhh I was so proud that our discussion sunk in, where and how he came up with this idea I don't know (maybe a cartoon?) regardless, I thought  it was super sweet and a great idea! He suggested it be out front of our house. I quickly told him that if we held it out front of our house people probably wouldn’t trust us and maybe we should think of a better location. He then suggested his school. So of course we approached our school and off we were to the races setting up a date and time and holding it in our school gymnasium last week.

Another awesome mama- Josie offered to help execute little Zayne’s vision alongside me. Thanks to her and her hubby we had a great flyer for advertising and I had a partner to support and assist in the sale of some delicious goods.

Here's a pic of our awesome poster and us rockin' the bake sale table with our kiddies, my baby girl is missing from the pic. she helped out too  :) 



So many mom's, dad's and teachers baked for the cause. We had some very generous donations from other another campus, parents, teachers and business' and were able to raise $1015.00. Amazing, right! 

Zayne was stoked! and I was a proud mama. 

Thanks to all those that baked, bought, donated and supported our cause. A special thanks to Josie and Dave for their support, graphics, raffle baggies and execution, it turned out great! All the extra baked goods that were left over at the end of the day were donated to a local women’s shelter and we were thrilled to have raised what we did for Nepal. Here's a link if you care to make a donation yourself   


Have a healthy day! 

Nadia Mirza

p.s. in the end we did donate some Zayne's toys and set some aside for a future garage sale!